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Our departments work all over the world to promote Dubai's vision and develop strategies that attract tourists and inward investment to the emirate.

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Department of Economy and Tourism

DET is the principal authority for planning, supervising, developing and marketing Dubai’s business and tourism sectors. It is also responsible for licensing and classifying all types of businesses, including hotels, tour operators and travel agents.

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DET’s portfolio includes Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC); Dubai Business Licence Corporation (DBLC); Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade (DCCPFT); Dubai SME; Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM); Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE); and Dubai College of Tourism (DCT).

Dubai Economic Development Corporation

Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is the economic development arm of DET. DEDC’s goals include enhancing Dubai’s economic competitiveness; implementing economic development plans; supporting diversification and sustainability of the emirate’s economy; attracting foreign investment and global talent in vital sectors; strengthening Dubai’s position as a global destination for investments and entrepreneurship in the digital economy; and establishing projects focused on advancing innovation, artificial intelligence and technology.

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DEDC launches initiatives and priority programmes, evaluates ongoing plans, identifies obstacles and proposes solutions as part of its strategic efforts.

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DEDC is the steward for Dubai Economic Agenda, D33, which aims to further consolidate Dubai’s position as one of the top three global cities.

Dubai Business Registration and Licensing Corporation

Dubai Business Registration and Licensing Corporation (DBLC) works to strengthen the emirate’s position as a global commercial hub and create an environment for attracting increased investment in various sectors. With a focus on enhancing the ease of doing business in Dubai, DBLC streamlines licensing procedures; reduces costs; improves the registration cycle; and fosters the growth of start-ups. It is the sole authority responsible for  regulating economic activities in the emirate and monitoring compliance with procedures related to the investor journey.


DBLC also manages the Dubai Unified Licence (DUL) in cooperation with the free zones in Dubai.



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Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection & Fair Trade

Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection & Fair Trade (DCCPFT) is responsible for driving economic stability by ensuring consumer and business protection, and enhancing competitiveness by curbing practices that negatively impact the market. It ensures that new regulations are implemented in a business-friendly manner; promotes justice and transparency; and supports the optimal functioning of the market for enterprises. 

The Corporation also develops programmes to protect intellectual property rights, organises relevant awareness campaigns and reviews or resolves complaints filed by commercial establishments and consumers.

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DCCPFT drafts plans and policies related to fair trade, competitiveness and protection of consumer rights.

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Find information on legal compliance, taxation, intellectual property rights and more for running a business in Dubai.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Dubai SME)

Established in 2002 by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai SME is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship in Dubai. Its goal is to position the city as a leading centre for global entrepreneurship. Operating under the umbrella of DET, the agency plays a pivotal role in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem through various initiatives including startup subsidies, access to finance, and business incubation services.
Dubai SME places a special emphasis on supporting Emirati SMEs. This targeted support is designed to empower Emirati entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in the competitive business environment. Through dedicated programmes and initiatives, the agency ensures that Emirati-owned businesses receive the backing they need to thrive and contribute to the diversification and growth of Dubai’s economy.


SMEs represent more than 99% of the registered businesses in Dubai and employ more than 50% of the city's workforce.

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Emirati SMEs

have been supported by Dubai SME for launch, representing all sectors and business activities in the city.

Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing

The Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) is responsible for the branding, promotion and marketing of the emirate of Dubai.

DCTCM is dedicated to working with private and public sector tourism and commerce partners to promote Dubai’s position as a leading business and leisure destination around the world. The department operates across a network of international offices to engage a wide range of audiences and showcase the city's diverse portfolio of tourism activities, events and entertainment while also promoting Dubai's role as a global business hub for business travellers and those establishing offices in the emirate.

DCTCM partners with private and public sector establishments to become a leading commerce and leisure destination globally.

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International visitors

Dubai welcomed 17.15M overnight visitors in Jan - Dec 2023, with an increase of +19% compared to 2022.

Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment

Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE) aims to position Dubai as an international events and entertainment hub. It works to increase the city's competitiveness as a retail destination through year-round festivals, events and promotions.

DFRE’s annual Retail Calendar features iconic festivals and major community events including Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Fitness Challenge. Dubai Business Events (DBE), Dubai’s official convention bureau, is also part of DFRE, in addition to Dubai Calendar, the official listings platform for events in the city.

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Retail outlets

The number of retail outlets engaged in more than 1,000 leisure events run by the DFRE programme each year.

Dubai College of Tourism

Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) was established by DET to be a world-class vocational tourism college that would drive professional excellence capability in all tourism and hospitality service personnel in Dubai. DCT is recognised as a leading institution for the provision of innovative, accessible and exceptional education and training that supports people to enter, enhance or advance within the tourism industry.  

Dubai is one of the best cities in the world for starting a business.
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Dubai Way champions

The number of participants who have successfully completed the Dubai Way online training and engagement platform.