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Dubai College of Tourism helps students acquire the skills and knowledge to build careers in the hospitality, tourism, events, or culinary sectors.

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Tourism has been a key economic driver for a long time in Dubai.

Our tourism course combines theory and practical application across established and new areas of this fast-growth industry. Students gain access to the industry's top employers while studying topics ranging from Impacts of Tourism to Agency Operations and Management.
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Tourism training at Dubai College of Tourism


As a dynamic destination and an international hub with world-class venues and advanced infrastructure, Dubai is host to some of the largest entertainment and business events.

The Dubai College of Tourism events course gives students the skills and insights to succeed in this fast-paced industry, learning from some of the biggest event organisers in the world.
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Event training at Dubai College of Tourism


Home to many of the world' premium hotel brands, Dubai continues to define new benchmarks in the hospitality sector and set the global standard in luxury experiences.

Students studying hospitality at Dubai College of Tourism will have an incredible opportunity to study and learn from the hotel operators that have helped shape Dubai into a world-leading hospitality destination.
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Hospitality training at Dubai College of Tourism

Culinary arts

As an international leisure and business hub, and home for millions of expats, Dubai attracts the world's best chefs and restaurateurs who provide impressive international culinary experiences for its visitors. This makes Dubai one of the most exciting global destinations to forge a career in the food business. The Culinary Arts course at DCT teaches its students many aspects of the industry ranging from practical food preparation, to knowledge and skills training in food science, nutrition and business management.
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Culinary arts at Dubai College of Tourism
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